Feed efficiency as an important item

Farm efficiency is very  complex and covers a large number of items. 

Ekcheese started in 2013 a monitoring program with 5 goatfarms in the Netherlands.

The objective is to improve the efficency by collecting relevant data and comparing results from the different farmers.
As the most important item the group started with comparing feed efficiency, production and quality of the milk. 
Recent figures of milk production /goat in Europe shows considerable differences .
    Country:                                    Average production /goat/year:
 - Greece                                       190  kg
-  Spain                                         280  kg
-  France                                        590  kg
-  Netherlands                                990  kg
-  EKcheese farmers group              1240 kg (the  farmers participating in the monitoring programme
 Feed efficiency ( conversion of feed into milk) is one of the important factors that lead to high production.
Therefore the focus of the study group  was at feed.
 Farmers take care for weekly input in a database  of follwing figures
-milk volume
-percentages fat and protein
-nr of goats
- price , kg's and type roughage 
-price , kg's and type concentrate pellets
-price , kg's and type other feed ( fa fresh feed)
In periodic reports the model gives:
  Average kg milk/goat/day
average protein anf fat/goat/day
Dry matter content/kg milk
cost per kg milk
Graph of percentages fat and protein, cost/kg milk . kg milk/goat /day
a summary of the results of 2013 and 2014 is to see in:  Farm efficiency.pdf 
 Ekchees offers this services to farmers who want to participate in this monitoring.
For more info contact us at ekcheese@hotmail.nl